3 Reasons to close a Personal Loan

The personal loan has been the most popular form of credit on the market for years. This has everything to do with the many interesting benefits associated with this type of credit. The personal loan is also the form of credit offered by most lenders. In principle, you can also apply for a personal loan from any bank or other alternative lender. Do you also think of borrowing money with the help of this form of credit, but do you still have any doubts? In that case, the following 3 reasons for applying for a personal loan may convince you!

Reason 1: A personal loan offers you optimal security

The moment you take a look at the credit supply on the market, you can immediately see that there are many different options to take out a loan. In this respect you can choose to opt for a linear loan such as personal credit, but you also have the option to opt for a revolving credit, for example. The latter offers you as a borrower or optimal flexibility, on the other hand the unspecified end date also entails a structural risk. Imagine that you do not have an expiry date ahead of your credit for yourself? Then it is possible that this (in theory) continues the rest of your life, including the costs.

The above is not the case when you choose to take out a personal loan. In that case, different guarantees are offered. Initially, for example, you have a fixed interest rate that can not change during the term of your loan. This means that the monthly costs can not simply be much higher in one go. In addition, it is also the case that with a personal loan you always use a fixed end date. This makes it impossible for you to be faced with ongoing costs.

Reason 2: A personal loan is very advantageous in the base

The particularly linear course that characterizes a personal loan ensures that you are always assured of a very competitive cost price. It is not only the strict, linear conditions that lie at the basis of this. What else to think about the considerable mutual competition between lenders with regard to the personal loan? This type of credit is the most popular among the borrowers, so that every lender wants to get his share of it. Before choosing to take out a personal loan, it is therefore always important to perform a comparison on the financial market. Only in this way are you sure that you can always count on the best possible price for your personal loan.

However, it should be taken into account that it is clearly stated that a personal loan is mainly advantageous in the base. What do we mean by this? Very simple. The moment you can pay off a personal loan according to the current credit terms, you will be able to determine that there is no financially more interesting alternative. However, if you temporarily do not have the possibility to repay your loan according to the drawn up credit terms, this suddenly becomes a completely different story. After all, you will be confronted with a certain fine that can quickly boost the total cost of your personal credit.

Reason 3: There are only very limited requirements

Would you like to make a certain investment or should a large invoice be paid? In that case, taking out the personal loan is always the best choice. Moreover, she is also the simplest. At the moment that certain changes need to be made to your home, you might also be able to look in the direction of a green loan , for example, but then there are a lot of requirements that have to be met. The same also applies, for example, to a renovation loan in which the funds are usually only released according to the number of invoices or signed offers that can be submitted there. With a personal loan, that is not the case in principle. As a future borrower, you should therefore only be able to prove that you have sufficient financial means to repay the loan according to the conditions. Is that the case? Then nothing at all has to stand in the way of a personal loan.

Conclusion; a personal loan is very interesting for many people

The above 3 reasons make it immediately clear why the personal loan has become so popular over the years. Not only can you as a borrower count on an excellent security and a low cost price, in addition there are no strict conditions attached to the granting of the loan. In other words, are you looking for an accessible and advantageous way to borrow personal money? In that case, it is absolutely worth looking at it in the direction of a personal loan.

Children’s fairy tales in Olympia – Maria Callas Municipal Theater

In a fabulous atmosphere, with the music of two leading composers Howard Blake and Sergei Prokofiev, the Olympia Municipal Music Theater Maria Callas hosts the Athens City Symphony Orchestra at the first concerts of the Concerts for Children series.

Dianne Jackson’s legendary animated film, The Snowman, is based on the untitled pictogram without the words of British author Raymond Briggs, screened on British Channel 4 in 1982. The film re-emerges at the Olympia Theater under the sounds of Howard Blake, which is one of the most famous works of the English composer, pianist and conductor, whose biography includes rich works of art with concerts, oratorios, ballets, operas and orchestras.

It’s a charming story of a boy, James, who, on a cold winter day, makes a snowman, who comes alive when the clock hits midnight. The snowman is trying to get acquainted with the child’s world, people’s technology and homework. Their adventure then becomes exciting …

The story tells the animations and music of Howard Blake, who has been lucky enough to see his composition be played at first run by Sinfonia in London.

The song will be performed by Petros Nikolopoulos (Soprano-boy)
The narrative parts will be presented by the actor Gerasimos Gianatas .

The baton gets a work of world music literature, a musical tale for orchestra and narrator Petros and Wolf, composed by Sergei Prokofiev when in 1936 he accepted the suggestion of the director of Moscow Children‘s Theater to compose a musical tale, creating a of the most popular works that children introduce
magical world of symphonic music.

Each organ of the orchestra corresponds to a character of the fairy tale.

The strings symbolize Peter, the flute the bird, the duck oboe, the cat clarinet, the grandfather’s grandfather, the horns of the wolf, the percussion hunters. The composer’s intent is to create a real simple and comprehensible music, which certainly does not only appeal to children, but at the same time preserves all the characteristics of his musical style.


Narrator: Gerasimos Gianatas
Music address: Eleftherios Kalkanis
Editing / Designing Digital Projections: Andreas Mourtzoukos (Saxelectro)
Companion Illustration for the musical tale “Peter and the Wolf”: Jorg Muller

The show is aimed at children over 5 years of age.

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Event Identity


  • 18/12/2018
  • 19/12/2018
  • 20/12/2018

At 19:00


Olympia Municipal Music Theater Maria Callas, 59, Akadimias, Athens


Free entrance

Information / Bookings:

Tel .: 210 5284800

Orpheus in Hades, by Jacques Offenbach in Olympia Maria Kallas Municipal Music Theater

Image result for Orpheus in Hades

Presented in the revamped Olympia Municipal Music Theater, Maria Callas, Jacques Offenbach’s comic opera “Orpheus in Hades” – perhaps the most emblematic of the Second French Empire.

Directed by Isidoros Sideris, who presents a rather aristocratic Offenbach, while the music direction is undertaken by Andreas Tselikas and Katia Molfesis.

In the version of Offenbach, a parody of the ancient myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, where the action unfolds between corrupt land, desolate Olympus and the damned Lower World, the gods fret and dancing can-can while Orpheus and Eurydice want urgently to get rid of each other.

The operetta had a tremendous success in 1858 whenever he first appeared at the Théâtre des Bouffes Parisiens, marking the record of 228 reps. The explosive, rhythmic music, as well as the vitriolic text that commented on the immorality of the ruling class of the era, with which the new comic type of the operetta was introduced, provoked – as was natural – great dissatisfaction with the academic and official musical circles but also with the imperial environment. A spirited musical comedy, spinach as well as the damn rhythms of the well-known can-can.


Libretto: Hector Crémieux, Ludovic Halévy
Translation of poetic text: Dimitris Dimopoulos
Translation – Prozac Adaptation: Isidoros Sideris, Anthi Dountaki

Musical direction:

Andreas Tselikas (15, 23, 29 & 30/12)
Katia Molfesis (16, 22, 26 & 27/12, 3 & 10/2)

Directed by Isidoros Sideris
Sets: Yannis Katranitsas
Costumes: Georgia Bourda
Choreography: Dionysis Tsaftaridis
Lighting: Kostas Blougouras
Teaching Choir: Stavros Beris
Editing and restoration of music material: Louiza Antypas
Music preparation: Dimitris Yakas
Assistant director: Konstantina Psoma
Assistant set designer: Sunday Nasioula
Assistant costume designer: Christina Tsoutsouliga
Assistant choreographer: Marilo Andrikou

Distribution (in order of appearance):

Public opinion:

Irene Karagianni (15, 23, 26 & 30/12, 10/2)
Margarita Syngeniotou (16, 22, 27 & 29/12, 3/2)

Eurydice: Chrysa Malayman

Orpheus: Giannis Christopoulos


Vasilis Kavayas (15, 23, 26, 27 & 30/12)
Giannis Kalivas (16, 22 & 29/12, 3 & 10/2)


Maria Mavrommatis (15, 22, 27 & 29/12, 3/2)
Marie Papalexiou (16, 23, 26 & 30/12, 10/2)

Mars: Kostas Raphailidis


Vasia Zacharopoulou (15, 22 & 26/12, 3 & 10/2)
Miranda Makrinioti (16, 23, 27, 29 & 30/12)


Marios Sarantidis (15, 22, 23, 27 & 30/12)
Nikos Kotenidis (16, 26 & 29/12, 3 & 10/2)


Despina Skarlatou (15, 23, 27 & 29/12, 3/2)
Maria Kokka (16, 22, 26 & 30/12, 10/2)


Lydia Aggelopoulou (15, 22 & 27/12, 3, 10/2)
Konstantina Psoma (16, 23, 26, 29 & 30/12)


Vangelis Angelakis (15, 22, 27 & 29/12, 10/2)
Stamatis Pakakis (16, 23, 26 & 30/12, 3/2)

Athena: Athena Chiliopoulou

John Styx: Stamatis Berris

Solo violin on stage: Yiannis Georgiades

Dancers (in alphabetical order): Vassilis Arvanitakis, Vassia Kolliou, Marianna Roussou, Dionysis Tsavtaridis, Kostas Tsoukalas, Dimitra Charalambous

Chorus (in alphabetical order): Vangelis Angelakis, Menos Giovousoglou, Antonis Dimou, Stavros Zouliatis, Sofia Karvounas, Kostas Kondylis, Androniki Laloutsi, Marina Maniadaki, Maria Mavrommati, Efi Menakouli, Eleni Bartakianni, Nikos Bogiatzis, Kandia Bouzioti, Giorgos Moraitis, Katerina Nounopoulou, Ariadni Pangalou, Morfoula Papageorgiou, Zenovia Pouli, Despina Revti, Katerina Spyropoulou, Dimitra Stafeta, Yannis Sfyris, Ioanna Tsavalas, Athena Hiliopoulou, Christos Christodoulou

Symphony Orchestra & Choir of the Municipality of Athens

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Six six – week dance lessons by Richard Alfieri at the Illis Theater

Image result for Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks at the Ilissa Theatre

The tender story of two lonely people, who meet in Ritsart Alfieri’s “Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks”, is presented at the Ilissa Theater, directed by Dimosthenis Papadopoulos.

A work that, since 2001, has conquered the hearts of the theatrical audience around the world and has always been very successful wherever it has been presented.

Two incompatible worlds through music and dance come together to talk about the cruelty, loneliness, diversity, selfishness of people and the need for love and companionship. A moving story of two very special people with a lot of humor, music and dance.

The premiere of the show Six Dance Classes at Six Weeks is scheduled for the beginning of December and will be played at the Illis Theater, three times a week, in an alternating repertoire with the Price.


Translation: Antonis Galeos
Performance – directed by Dimosthenis Papadopoulos
Choreography: Memos Roussos
Stage design: Giannis Mourikis
Costume design: Giorgina Germanou
Direction Video: Alexandros Papathanassopoulos
Lighting: Nikos Vlassopoulos
Assistant Director: Dimitra Kokkoris
Production Directorate: Nikiforos Valtinos
Production: Theasis – Culture Actions

Starring: Natalia Tsaliki, Dimosthenis Papadopoulos


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Event Identity


From: 11/12/2018

Monday and Tuesday at 21.00 Sunday at 21.15


Ilisia Theater, Papadiamantopoulou 4, Athens


Square 18 €, Balcony 15 €, Student-unemployed – Disabled 12 € (applicable to all shows



Information / Bookings:

210 721 0045



“Aristos” continues his successful course at the Anesis Theater!

Following his tremendous success at the New World Theater, the performance Aristos, directed by Giorgos Papageorgiou, continues dynamically at the Anesis Theater.

The award-winning novel by Thomas Korovinis , centered on the life of Aristides Pagrakidis, allegedly the “Sheikh Souk Dragon”, was transferred to the stage at New World Theater, directed by Giorgos Papageorgiou. The show went up in February 2018 in the Lower House and then, due to great success, continued for three months at the Central Stage of the same theater. In November 2018 Eleni Ouzounidou won the First Women’s Role Award at the Athenian Theatrical Awards and Giorgos Papageorgiou was awarded the second prize for Best Theater Performance.

Nine characters associated with Aristides Pangratidis, through their torrid, evocative confessions, speaking different languages, depending on their experiences, character and role, make up the profile of “Aristos”.

The friend of Toumba, his mother-in-law, a porter of the harbor, the guardian of the barracks, a guardian of democratic thoughts, a conservative bourgeois of the beach, his boss at a folk fair, the transsexual Lolo and a popular singer his love, performed on stage by three actors (Eleni Ouzounidou, Michalis Economou, Giorgos Christodoulou).

The performers bring to life a story that conveys viewers to Thessaloniki’s aanes, to the dark sides of the harbor, to the open-air festivals and the bouzouki of the old Thessaloniki, in a scenery until 1960, when the main hero, twenty years old, are mentioned. This is Aristides Pagkratidis, the alleged “Dragon of Sheikh Sou”, whom the 1963 (Hellenic North) guy called him “a young bum.” In 1966 he was sentenced to four deaths by the five-member Court of Appeal of Thessaloniki. His execution took place in the place that was associated with his name, the Sheikh Shu Forest. The last words he spoke were: “My man, I am innocent.”

Thomas Kotovin’s book “The Death Race” was honored with the State Prize of Novel

Credits of the show

Directed by: Giorgos Papageorgiou
Adaptation / Dramaturgy: Theodora Capralou
Music: Giorgos Dousos
Sets-Costumes: Katerina Arianoutsou
Lighting design: Alekos Anastasiou
Motion editing: Mariza Tsinga
Photos: Domniki Mitropoulou
Assistant Director: Maria Preistaki

Cast the actors:

Eleni Ouzounidou, Michalis Economou, Giorgos Christodoulou

Musician: Giorgos Dousos

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Event Identity


From: 14/01/2019

Monday and Tuesday at 21.00


Anesis Theater, 14, Kifissias Avenue, Athens


Normal € 16, Reduced € 14



Information / Bookings:

nkt.gr | 210 77 18 943

Time, in poetry Kiki Dimoula at Kefallinias Theater Theater 2nd Stage

The Performance Period returns 10 years after her first presentation at the Underground of the Art Theater, at the 2nd Stage of the Theater of Kefallinia Street, directed by Maria Xanthopoulidou, with Loukia Michalopoulou remixed with the poetic universe of Kiki Dimoula.

Time interval. A journey of life, with the luggage that gives us the moments she remembers, experiences and expresses through her lyrics the poet. Our guide, mute, insecure and determined, is a rover. A creature that moves on this path between wear and tear. A mental path on dangerous balances. The effort to keep upright on stretched ropes. The threat of the vacuum. The rage and the fear of the difficulty of the journey. The passerby love. The memory that is lost or stays to tyrannize us. The effort to reconcile with loneliness, death, old age. Foolish expectation, joyful waiting, unbearable remembrance. A woman trapped on the verge of life and death attempts to reconcile itself with the natural fate of human existence, and then it may be liberated.


Directed by: Maria Xanthopoulidou
Music: Lolek
Lighting: Katerina Maragoudaki
Lukia Michalopoulou performs
Photos: Patroklos Skafidas

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Event Identity


From: 25/12/2018

Monday and Tuesday at 21:00
25 December and 1 January at 19.00


2nd Stage Theater Theater of Kefallinias, Kefallinias 18, Kypseli


Regular: 12 euros, Student – Unemployed: 10 euros, Fees: 5 euros


Viva.gr, 11876, Seven Spots, Reload, Media Markt, Euripides, Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, Athinorama.gr, Viva Kiosk Constitution

Information / Bookings:


Coriolan and Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare at the Theater of Cyclades

Konstantinos Hatzis and the Color Group present at the Theater of Cyclades Street the works of William Shakespeare “Corollano” and “Julius Caesar”.

In the wake of Shakespeare’s poetry, Konstantinos Hatzis wants to explore the issue of power and how he corrupts the people and especially those who practice it. They deal with these two great works, Korellanos and Julius Caesar, making them a single show.

In Korellan, we see how popular power uses its means and power to gain rights and exterminate a potential tyrant while in July Caesar how the aristocratic class kills a popular and charismatic leader not to become an emperor.

It is difficult to approach such great issues of concern to mankind, but the contact with the Shakespearean speech and the need to speak with their own words through this process arming the actors with energy, passion, appetite for life, joy and creation, and “takes us on the road”.

Konstantinos Hatzis

Konstantinos Hatzis is a director and founder of the Color group . He has performed many performances since 2008. In his resume he collaborates with Leda Protopsalti, Lydia Koniordou, Aglaia Pappa, Roumpini Vasilakopoulou and Maria Katsandri. He directed the show Agamemnon. Aeschylus / Euripides, a stitch on Aeschylus ‘”Agamemnon” and Euripides’ Iphigenia in Avlidis. His latest work is Gull of A. Chekhov at the Art Theater.

Identity of the project

Author: William Shakespeare
Adaptation-Performance-Direction: Konstantinos Hatzis
Motion editing – Choreography: Christina Vassilopoulou
Dressage: Miranda Dempsey
Stage design: Lia Asvestas
Assistant Director : Iason Nikiteas
Music Composition – Song: Alexandros Mentis
Contact person : Nicole Votsi
Photos: Karol Jarek, Orfanidis Giannis
Video: Am ie Makris, Elena Kontela
Make Up Video / Photography: IEK AKMI (Papadopoulou Stella, Boula Stella, Asimosi Georgia)
Production Line: Konstantina Angeletou
Production Assistant: Elli Fameliaris
Production: Color group – new SCENE
Based on the translations of: Minos Volanakis – Michael Cacoyannis

The following are played:

Sophia Philippidou
Aglaia Pappa
George Papapavlou
Konstantina Tacalou
Electra Nikolouzou
Nikolas Chanakoulas
Vassilis Tsigristaris
Yiannis Paperback
Andrianos Gatsos
Spyros Douros
Maris Delia
Lydia Skouraki


The show is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Sport

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Event Identity


From: 20/12/2018

Start time: Wednesday 20.00, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 21.00, Sunday: 20.00


Theater of Cyclades, 11 Cyclades, Athens


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 15 Euro / 10 Euro (reduced) / 8 Euro (unemployed) | Saturday: 18 Euro / 12 Euro (reduced and unemployment) Sunday: 16 Euro / 12 Euro (reduced and Unemployment) Reduced tickets for students over 65





WhosApp at the post theater at DA Fest 2017

DA Fest International Digital Arts Festival Announces Invitation to Participate in the Workshop of Max Schumacher and John Traullo from the Post Theater

In this workshop, they will present the possible use of the smartphone during a theatrical performance.

Post Theater is an interdisciplinary group for non-permanent performing arts.

The band’s projects range from theater to dance, from multimedia performances to installations. Permanent topics are identity, resources and technology. A central component of the company’s work is the creative, chaotic and original use of video projections. Post Theater was founded in 1999 in New York with his headquarters moved to Berlin in 2002, opening offices in Tokyo in 2005, and in 2010 in Stuttgart. Post Theater has presented more than 50 of its projects at festivals in 20 countries. His artistic directors Hiroko Tanahashi and Max Schumacher. Post Theater has won numerous awards, including the Bremen Award (2004 and 2011) and the Stuttgart Theatrical Prize (2015 and 2017). In addition to his artistic work, the Post Theater also lectures and workshops in arts institutions and universities around the world.

The WhosApp Workshop will explore the dimensions of this new use of the smartphone

He will prepare and train the audience to create a form of theater that, among other things, will teach the audience how to use the smartphone during a show. The workshop will overturn the traditional embargo on the saloon telephones, offering a smartphone zone.

Participants will use their devices to exchange instructions, perform music, and create pictures using phone-amplifying audio systems and video projectors.

Full information about WhosApp can be found here.

The workshop is for three days, from September 19 to 21, from 14:00 to 17:00 in Studio 1 at the National Academy of Arts in 1, Shipka Street.

The results of the workshop will be presented on September 21 at 6 pm in the 7th Workshop of the National Assembly.

All those interested in performing arts, digital and visual arts, music, design, etc. are invited to participate. And the requirements for the participants are to have at least one smartphone connected to the Internet. The working language of the workshop is English. The maximum number of participants is 12 people.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge.

Candidates must submit their short CV and motivation for e-mail to: da_fest@nha.bg

The deadline for application is September 15, 2017. Approved participants will be notified by September 17, 2017.

Noorderzon 2017. Film, Theater and Music

Image result for Noorderzon 2017

From 17 to 27 August , Noorderzon , one of the most important events in North Holland , will take place in the Noorderplantsoen park in Groningen . For 10 days, different performances will take place inside the park and in the heart of the city. The program includes theater, dance, film, video and music and circus performances. Many international artists will participate in this event: celebrities and talents, old and new, coming mainly from Canada, Australia, Russia, Tunisia, Argentina, Germany, United States.

Noorderzon is internationally famous for its atmosphere, charming outdoor cafes and places to enjoy culinary delights. The festival annually records around 130,000 visitors from the Netherlands and from the rest of the globe.

Elliot Murphy & Monica Heldal Celebrates Bob Dylan’s 75th Birthday at the Park Theater 24th May

Norsk Dylanologisk Selskab, the network of Norwegian Dylan fans, presents a celebration of Bob Dylan’s 75th birthday at the Park Theater with performers like Elliott Murphy, Monica Heldal and Trond Ingebretsen (Bjølsen Valsemølle).
By: Victor Josefsen

Bob Dylan has fans of all ages, and musicians of several generations have been inspired by him , reflecting the line-up in the celebration of Dylan’s 75th birthday at the Park Theater. The performers will mainly play their own versions of Dylan’s songs, but also some of them. Here are some words about the athletes who play.

American Elliott Murphy from Long Island, after his first album in 1972, was called “The New Dylan” by Rolling Stone magazine and later referred to as New Dylans along with Bruce Springsteen, Loudon Wainwright and John Prine. He has since released over 35 albums and will in the course of 2016 have played 2500 concerts all over the world. He brings with him the French super guitarist Olivier Durand, who has been his regular guitarist since the mid 90’s.

In 1973, a young New Yorker released a disc that could become one of the 70’s classic classics. Yes, and should have been. Unfortunately, it did not get that way. Too bad for “Aquashow”, Elliot’s debut album, is one of the finest released in the 70’s, writes Musikkbloggen.no . Last year, Murphy released “Aquashow Deconstructed”, a new recording of original album, which has received brilliant reception. “Elliott Murphy has always been forward, never stuck in old wheel tracks”, writes obladoo.se on the same disc and concludes the review as follows: “Elliott Murphy has apparently left much to give yet.”

It’s a pity and strange thing that Elliot Murphy is still a relatively unknown performer is dominated by most reviews around the world (records of concerts). In essence, all critics and audiences, not least those who have experienced Elliot Murphy live, agree that Murphy is a great songwriter, vocalist and storyteller, and along with the virtuoso guitarist Olivier Durand, they take the two expressions to new heights. So here, obviously, just take the trip to Parkteater on May 24 to experience Murphy & Durand.

Monica Heldal album debuted in 2013 with “Boy From The North”, which was overwhelmed by brilliant critics and allowed the reviewers to extract words like “classic”, “jailbreaking” and “timeless”. Deichman’s music blog notified the album and wrote the following: Monica Heldal does not refer to traditional singer / songwriter recipes, her expression is far more multi-faceted than an average wisp’s pop-up pointer. “Boys From The North” consists of searching moods, but what impresses most is without a doubt Monica’s peculiar guitar game.

In April this year came the sequel “The One In The Sun”. Asbjørn Slettemarks describes our series “My Record Collection” album as follows: “Fleetwood Mac meets acoustic Zeppelin , perfect in the Piega speakers.

In 2013, we interviewed Monica Heldal at the Music Department :

What makes you unique?

– Maybe it’s a mix of the guitar game and the inspirations I have. Read the rest of the interview.

Other performers who celebrate Bob Dylan’s 75th birthday at the Park Theater are Tom Roger Aadland w / Kjetil Steensnæs, Trond Ingebretsen (Bjølsen Valsemølle), Roy Einar Dreng, Dylan Bonanza and Bobcats. Read more about them here .

PS Elliott Murphy and Olivier Durand hold their own “intimate concert” at Over Oslo bar on Grefsenkollen the day after Dylan-75. Wednesday 25th of May. Tickets on ticket service.


Here is an edited version of a Bob Dylan case we published in 2012 on the occasion that the best-selling Bob filled 71 years .

Text: Thor Arne Sæterholen

It’s a darling Bob Dylan you look at the picture on the left. On May 24, the goodest Bob fills 75 years. Also, in 2016, 54 years have passed since his first album “Bob Dylan” was released by Columbia Records in 1962. Talentist and producer John Hammond gave the young folk song a chance – others had no thanks.

“Bob Dylan” is no great debut, but a simple and good album consisting of American traditional music, folk songs and blues. Only Bob on song, oral and guitar. Only two of the tracks were signed Dylan himself, “Song to Woody” – a tribute to Dylan’s great roleplay at the time, folk songwriter Woody Guthrie – and “Talkin ‘New York”, a humorous song with a “talk-sing” technique directly from the same Guthrie. Dylan shows her roots on this album. I even like the heavier blues-influenced songs: “In my time of dyin” “- a folk song like Led Zeppelin later made a good version of – and” See that my grave is kept clean “written by Blind Lemon Jefferson. The young Dylan sings these songs with great empathy – he sounds like an olding on the edge of the grave.

A good plate, so, but it was still impossible to predict what would come. Just a year later, Dylan’s songwriter talks to full blossom on the album “The Freewheelin ‘Bob Dylan”. There is “Blowin ‘in the wind”, and not least “A hard rain’s a-gonna fall” – the first song that showed what lived in Dylan of textual image richness and imagination. With this talent, Bob Dylan not only changed the American folk music scene, but later also pop and rock culture for all future. Absolutely true.

In advance: Congratulations, Bob!